November 11, 2013

Publication Date: September 12, 2013
Genre: Time Travel/Fantasy Anthology (7 stories)
Participating Authors: Jon Bradbury, James Wymore, Kade Anderson, Matt Mitrovich, Terra Harmony and Jeri Walker-Bickett (Editor)

Tour Schedule

Dec. 2
James Wymore's Blog (Top Ten List)
Venture Galleries (Guest Post by James Wymore)
Elizabeth Delana Rosa (Promo)

Dec. 3
The Mad Reviewer (Review–4.5 STARS)
Will Macmillan Jones  (Guest Post by James Wymore)
Deborah Jay (Promo)
E-BookBuilders (Top Ten List)

Dec. 4
Boom Baby Reviews (Review–3.5 STARS and Top Ten List)
Kimichee (Guest Post by Jon Bradbury)
Getting Personal (Guest Post by James Wymore)
So Much to Write, So Little Time (Guest Post by Matt Mitrovich)
Kara Ashley Dey (Guest Post by Terra Harmony)
Venture Galleries (Guest Post by Terra Harmony)

Dec. 5
The Shadow Portal (Promo)
Aubry Wynne (Promo)
Elizabeth Delana Rosa (Guest Post by Kade Anderson)
Cairns Writes (Guest Post by Terra Harmony)

Dec. 6
David Bruns (Review)
Kimichee (Excerpts and review)
Kai Mann (Guest Post by Jon Bradbury)
Ellie Garratt
A Writer's Life (Promo)

Dec. 7
Venture Galleries (Guest Post by Kade Anderson)
Saffron's Space (Review–3 STARS)
Authors You Want to Read (Promo)

Dec. 8
My Devotional Thoughts (Top Ten by Kade Anderson)
Venture Galleries (Guest Post by Jeri WB)
Books Direct (Promo)

Dec. 9
Book Bliss (Promo)
411 on Books, Authors, and Publishing News (Guest Post by Matt Mitrovich)
Mean Who You Are (Review–4 STARS)