May 21, 2015

by Leslie Tall Manning

Review By Date: August 21st
Publication Date: May 20, 2015
Genre: Women's Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 73,000
Formats Available: MOBI, ePub & PDF; Print (Limited: 5; US Addresses)

Monty is ready to rock. Funny thing is, she doesn’t know it yet!

When her husband releases her from a stagnant marriage, forty-five-but-looks-thirty Monica Reese Taylor, freelance writer for Home & Goddess Magazine, gets the career opportunity of a lifetime. All she has to do is leave her daughter behind, change her name, dress like a crazed groupie, and for one month follow a comeback rock band as they tour the eastern United States.

But that’s not all: Monty has to spend time with the famous lead guitarist in order to get her story. A hot musician whose poster she kissed every night in her bedroom back in the eighties!

With her undisclosed agenda well hidden beneath Aqua Net, Maybelline, and leather, Monty plays the part of groupie with finesse, never suspecting that her rocker crush has a few tight-lipped secrets of his own…secrets that make hers seem like child’s play…secrets that could change Monty’s life forever.

This is the surprisingly fresh story of a coming-of-middle-age woman who believes that pretending to be someone else isn’t the best way to discover who she really is.

Or is it?

Leslie Tall Manning is a Theatre Arts graduate from Long Beach State University. She left Southern California for the real South on a whim, and a decade later calls North Carolina her home.  As a private English tutor and writing specialist, Ms. Manning spends her evenings working with students of all ages, and her days working on her own writing projects. When she isn’t clacking away at the computer keys or conducting research for her books, she loves traveling with her artist husband.

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