Starting October 1st, MBT will merge with another marketing company. DeeJay and Bella thank everyone--our authors and our hosts--for their time and efforts over the past few years. We will be finishing all MBT promotions that are already scheduled, but will not be accepting any new ones until after October 1st. Thank you.

Masquerade Book Tours offers a variety of services to help authors and publishers promote their books. To better meet your vision and budget, some of our packages are customizable. In your request, please be specific as to what your needs and expectations are. 
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"I've used Masquerade Tours for several books now, and the experience is always outstanding! Not only in the tour itself, but also the communication and care that goes into each tour from the Masquerade Crew."

–Renee Novelle, author of Crushed, Latitudes, and Dance With Me

"This is the first time I've seen a significant increase in sales during a blog tour. I love blog tours because of the opportunity to interact with bloggers/reviewers and readers alike. But I saw a big pop in my sales as well, and that's awesome!"

–Abigail Owen, author of Andromeda's Fall and Black Orchid

 *Please Read Carefully*

It is a good idea to make your blog tour request at least EIGHT WEEKS in advance to allow us adequate time to set up your tour. (Four weeks for book blasts/cover reveals).

FULL payment is due BEFORE sign-ups can be posted. We will not move forward on your tour or promotional campaign until full payment is made. In certain instances, we may only require partial payment up front, but that will be determined on a case by case basis. Invoices will be sent after confirmation of services via PayPal ONLY.

Acceptance/Cancellation Policy: We reserve the right to accept or decline any and all service requests. We also reserve the right to cancel tours, blasts, and reveals at any time for any reason with a full refund. Authors have up to 72 hours after payment is made to cancel a tour and receive a full refund. After 72 hours, the tour can still be cancelled, but only a 50% refund will be issued. After seven (7) days have passed, a tour can be cancelled, but NO refund will be given. All partial payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Giveaway Policy: Masquerade Book Tours is not responsible for the gifting/shipment of any prizes, including giftcards, books, and swag. The gifting of all prizes won in an MBT giveaway is the responsibility of the author or publisher, unless stated otherwise.

"Flaker" Policy: Masquerade Book Tours is not responsible for tour hosts who fail to post. We do our due diligence to ensure this doesn't happen, but we cannot guarantee that every tour host will post as expected for your tour. Expect "flakers". It's just a part of this business. However, tour hosts who fail to post on their scheduled date without adequate notice are not likely to be chosen for future tours.

Behavior Policy: Masquerade Book Tours does not tolerate blogger/author bashing in any way, shape or form. Any host or author engaging in this type of behavior will be banned from any and all events that we host. Authors are not allowed to contact bloggers/hosts and make requests for changes to reviews/ratings, or that reviews be removed from any public forum. Authors are not allowed to harass our reviewers in any way about the review they post during or outside of a tour, whether positive or negative. Our reviewers have the right to give their honest opinion on any book we offer, as long as they stay within the guidelines stated on the host page. Authors who violate these guidelines will be banned from making any service request to MBT and will NOT receive a refund for any services already provided.

What is a tour host?

A tour host is a blog or website that will host an author or their book on a certain day via book blasts, interviews, guest posts, or reviews.

What is a book blast?

A book blast is a series of posts made about a book or series all on the same day (or within the same time period) by a variety of blogs and/or websites. The benefit of a book blast is to make a larger impact by promoting your work on various mediums all at the same time.

What is a blog tour?

A blog tour is a virtual book tour involving several book related blogs or websites called tour hosts. On the day of their selected tour stop, the host will create a post promoting your work in any number of ways including, but not limited to: book reviews, author interviews, guest posts, etc.

Want a little more insight into the world of blog touring? Check out these articles.

Services and Prices
(Submit requests at the bottom of this page)

A great promotional option for published or unpublished books if you want to get the word out to a lot of people all at once.
*Can last up to 5 DAYS*
$35 (Unlimited Blogs)
Giveaways are encouraged.

 The OPTIONAL Book Blast 
There are no sign-ups posted for this service.
Book information will be sent to all hosts who will be given the option to post. Links will be forwarded to the author at the end of the blast. Optional blasts may last any length of time.
$20 (Unlimited Blogs)
Giveaways are encouraged.

 The Pre-Order Promo–$15 
(includes book cover, synopsis and buy links)
A good promotional option for unreleased books which are available for pre-order.

*Single books or Series*
Reviews, interviews and other promotional posts
(Includes tour banner, a personalized tour page, and Cover Wars)
(Giveaways are required. Can be books, swag, giftcards, whatever!)

(Tour Limit: 5 days)
$110 for 10 stops

$100 for 15 stops
(Cover Wars included; Giveaways encouraged)
Tour Limit: 5 days

This is a wonderful promotional package that promotes the author as much as the book. This tour package does NOT include reviews. Posts include, but are not limited to, guest posts, interviews, excerpts, and promos.

$15 (Add-On Only)

The Masquerade Mob is the official street team for the Masquerade Crew. They review books as well as participate in social media events. You can add the Masquerade Mob package to any event or service purchased through Masquerade Book Tours. If you would like to purchase this package as an individual service, click here.

–An email blast to the Masquerade Mob (separate list from the Masquerade Tour hosts)
–A listing on the Masquerade Mob review list (includes a large book cover and short synopsis)(Time period: 2 months)
–One free month of Cover Wars

Learn more about the Masquerade Mob by visiting the Masquerade Authors page.

*This is NOT a blog tour*

This is an opportunity to get reviews for your books! We find the readers, set a review by date, and wait for the reviews to roll in! Cover Wars is included as well!


We have never failed to obtain reviews for our authors, but please keep in mind that reviews are still not guaranteed. You can expect anywhere from one to ten reviews, though it is always possible you will receive more than ten. Reviews can be positive or negative.

Reviewers are given three months to review! Books must look professional and be well-edited. Sample chapters or the entire book may be requested before agreement of service is made. There is no limit to how many hosts can sign up, but not every host will be chosen. We will be selective in choosing the right readers for your novel. Reviews may be posted to the reviewers' blogs, Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, other retailers and book sharing websites.  We do not accept books in the Kindle Select program. We require ePub formats for all books. 

All banners posted and promoted by Masquerade Book Tours Hosts.

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$20 (Unlimited Blogs)

Giveaways are encouraged (Giftcards not included in pricing)

Great for celebrating upcoming releases or books with new covers. We also do reveals for book trailers. Cover Wars is included.

We Design Bookmarks!
Prices vary and are dependent on the complexity of the design and quantity ordered.